maandag 25 juni 2007

Finally some time

The exams are over so I have some time again to blog, and to continue work on snipper. I have some big plans for it :-)

I want to add some features,
fix some bugs,
make it easier to adapt,
make it easier to make it work on windows.

When I have done that, I'll try to write a plugin for some other text editor to use snipper, I want to see how hard that is, because I would love it if I could use snipper in more than one editor.
The advantages are obvious: you only need to have on template file per filetype and you can use it on all your editors.
This may be a bit of a dream, but it should be rather easy to let it work with at least some editors so I'll try it!

I still haven't got much time, so the development won't be too fast for the moment.