dinsdag 29 mei 2007

Snipper 0.2 released

I've just released snipper 0.2,

snipper 0.2 is a completely refactored version of 0.1,
now it should work with python 2.4 and it also works when editing multiple buffers with different filetypes at the same time

download it here
or on vim.org

After this refactoring, I think I will be able to add new features much easier, so new features will be coming soon (but not too soon because I have to study also)

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nephish zei
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nephish zei

got it working on gutsy, i like scribes, i really do, but the templates will serve me better in vim. thanks for this.

Anoniem zei

Got it working for MacVim, even tho I had to compile my own build. Easy enough, just pass --enable-pythoninterp along to ./configure, then make, cd MacVim, xcodebuild. xcodebuild said it failed, app works like a charm, however. Brilliant plugin, btw.

Also, took me a while to find what the heck I had to click to leave a comment. Been a while since I last heard dutch, leave alone read it!

Max Hoffmann zei


thank you for this nice plugin. I wanted to write a template for Fortran in conjunction with RoboDoc. My source files end with F90 however I don't see how I should name the *-templates.xml so that they get picked up by your plugin. Can you help me?


Anoniem zei

Ok, FORTRAN-templates.xml does the job. Your logging statements truly help.
Wow, this plugin is really powerful. To get it working I still have to do a weird procedure of first opening a python file and then opening the fortran file. Have you had this issue? Anyway, thanks again for the plugin.


Anoniem zei
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